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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Terrorist Against Terrorism!


An US Arms AdvertisementArms and other latest equipment used for violence against human beings are been manufactured and sold by around 25 countries. The main country among them is The United States of America who is also engaged in stamping out terrorism.

Between 1998-2000 there were more than 150 companies engaged in this lethal business. 74 of them were from The United States. In addition arms sales constitute a main source of income for The United States.

To sell these weapons and other equipments that persecutes and kills humans, there must be violence and wars around the world. For this one country against another country, one ethnicity against another ethnicity, one organization must stand up against another organization. Then inciting both sides a situation must be created where both sides kill each other. Then it will be possible to sell weapons to both sides without each other’s knowledge.

If this isn’t the way, how else do they do arms business? If people live peacefully what’s the need for weapons? If no weapons sale, how else to torture others and earn money to live a luxurious life? If there was peace all over the world how can America become the World Champion?

Can’t this be the American intention of the 74 American companies manufacturing arms and related equipment and selling them?

The other major weapons manufacturing companies and countries are as follows. Germany – 30, Taiwan – 19, France – 14, South Korea – 13, China – 12, South Africa – 9, Israel – 8, Mexico – 6, Poland – 5, Russia – 4, Brazil – 3, Spain – 3, Czech Republic – 2.

To sell the arms manufactured in their companies they have appointed brokers in Austria, Canada, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Turkey, and many more countries.

This shows America has a hidden hand in all the killings and violence happening around the world, doesn’t it?

Based on an article from Daily News, SL (23.5.2001)


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