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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Islam and Muslim

Assalamu Alaikum,
What you think on Islam and MuslimNajma Perera is from Sri Lanka. She is a convert to Islam. I came across a short article written by her to a Sinhala Islamic periodical. I like to share it with you. The following is that article 'Islam and Muslim'.

Sometimes in the Muslim society you may come across Muslims with bad behavior. Then you may wonder if Islam is the only true religion revealed to us by Almighty Allah, why don't all Muslims live according to its teachings.

Here we would like to make a very important point. That is, religion and its teachings is one thing. However people and their behavior is another. Therefore an honest seeker of truth must focus their attention to the religion and its teachings, not to those who claim to be followers of that religion and behave wrongly.

If someone drives a latest Rolls-Royse car and meets with an accident, will it be the driver’s responsibility? Or the manufacturer of that car, the Rolls-Royse Company’s? Certainly it is the driver’s mistake and not the mistake of the company that manufactured the car.

Today like in any society, there are good and bad people within the Muslim society. Like others Muslims can be with various human weaknesses. Some Muslims level of belief can be very low due to lack of education or religious knowledge, the effects of external forces in the surrounding environment etc. Among them sometimes you may meet some Muslims who have completely left the folds of belief.

Some day they'll have to pay back for their wrongs and in the presence of Allah will have to answer for everything they did in their lifetime.

Though they call themselves Muslims they act like there is no connection between their Muslim names, their behavior or that in their hearts.

This is not the fault of Islam.


Blogger mortalmuslim said...

i agree with u 100% that is why Islam is presented as religion of extemist infront of whole world who dont even know anything about the religion themselves.I think they are enemies of islam,other mmuslims and enemies of themselves!!
astaghfirullah may Allah guide the whole muslimUmmah!

10:34 PM  

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