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Monday, October 30, 2006

Hijab Ban and Silent Crusade Against Islam in Tunisia

Assalamu Alaikum,
Tunisia bans hijab women face police assultsFrance ban on wearing hijabs (headscarves) in schools and British MP Jack Straw’s recent comments against veils drew worldwide Muslim condemnation while being widely publicized by the mainstream media. Now Tunisian Government has enforced a law that states Tunisian women can no longer wear the hijab! But unlike France or England the Tunisian Governments preposterous ban has hardly reached the ears of Muslims outside Tunisia let alone being condemned.

The Tunisian government has succeeded in keeping the news away from the Muslim masses outside of its borders. As expectable Western Governments or the international media downplayed the Tunisian governments preposterous law that grossly violates basic human rights, fearing of uproar amongst the already frustrated Arab Muslims would fuel the emergence of Islamic governments in place of west dependent despotic Arab regimes. More pathetic was the indifference from few non-Tunisian Muslims privy to the illusive news item.

Protect Tunisian Muslim girls women hijab rightOwing to its French colonial legacy Tunisia is the most western Arab-Muslim country. This is reflected by Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ali enforcing the ban and describing the hijab as a sectarian form of dress, which had come into Tunisia uninvited! Observers say the recent years have seen an increase in Islamic sentiments among Tunisians and the increasing number of women starting to wear the hijab despite government efforts to stem the Islamic revival had caused them to move towards banning the hijab.

However justifying the hijab ban on "sectarian" grounds is absurd in a society where 98% of the population is Muslim. It also violates basic personal freedom guaranteed by the Tunisian constitution which also states Tunisia is an “Islamic country”. Added to this the law brazenly violates the basics rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that everyone has the right to freedom of religion and choose the clothes which suit him/her.

hijab women's human rightIn fact the Government is crushing Islam in Tunisia while at the same time trying to avoid charges of being un-Islamic. In the 1990s President Ben Ali crushed Tunisia’s Islamic opposition party when fighting erupted in neighbouring Algeria between Islamic movements and the military Government. He has forbidden Dawah activities in Tunisia and stipulated only personnel appointed by the Government may lead activities in mosques and that mosques must remain closed except during prayer times and other authorized religious ceremonies, such as marriages or funerals.

The current hijab debate, which started earlier this year and dating back to a 1981 government circular has ended in a dangerous crackdown on any woman, girl or child wearing a Hijab. It has even included the Hijab-clad Fulla dolls, which inspired millions of Muslim girls worldwide. Last month Tunisia security forces raided soft-toy shops across the country to withdraw the Fulla dolls.

Veiled Tunisian girls face descrimination"Sign here, take this piece of rubbish off your head and go home! Never ever think of going back to school with it. Right now, I am going to attach it to this sheet of paper in which you declared your full compliance with circular 108. Don’t you understand! There is no place in our schools for fundamentalists. We are a modern country!” Fatima the 18-year-old school girl stood as if pinned to the ground in a state of bewilderment, listening carefully to a zealot policeman whose sole mission has been to frighten and punish women, university students and schoolgirls who challenge the hijab ban and force to sign a form, which says they will never ever wear the hijab again.

Many Tunisians are upset by the ban but they fear to protest, as the Tunisian Government does not tolerate dissent.

However are we going to stand idly while anti-Islamic forces are at work against Islam in Muslim Tunisia? Please consider signing the petition to eliminate the Hijab ban in Tunisia and spread the news to stop this ban once and forever, because once one Muslim country bans the Hijab then many are likely to follow.


Blogger mortalmuslim said...

*shocked* thats awful i never knew that!God!!Astaghfirullah where is this world going???????

1:32 AM  
Blogger Unite Muslims said...

Waalaikum salam MortalMuslim,
It's tyranny at its most disguised form isn't it? When I told my mother about it she couldn't even believe, she was very angry. I just don't know how those Muslims in Tunisia just keeping quiet?

I wish Muslims worldwide would do some meaningful protests against such tyranny instead of only when some non-Muslim does something against Islam.

10:28 PM  
Blogger mortalmuslim said...

u know this hatered for hijab and niqab has become soo common.i live in KSA a muslim country my teacher is hindu and she comments on me!!I dunt know wat the heck is wrong with her just because i take niqab......
The world has really changed....and it will keep on.....the end of times is drawing closer.....
even i culdnt believe the newz its sooo shocking where r the mulsims of the world!!where r there expression where is the unity!!
Oh!Allah help us and strenghthen our eman(faith)!

11:21 PM  
Blogger Unite Muslims said...

Ameen to your dua, yeah, its very sad, inshallah lets try from our blogging atleast to wake up the Muslims and spread awareness. you know the other day I came across a blog that had a hadeeth as it's subtitle, here's it- "Islam began as something strange and it shall return as something Strange. So Tuba (A tree in paradise) for the Strangers" - prophet Muhammad(pbuh). Sad isn't it. such a beautiful religion misunderstood and misrepresented by our own Muslims.

Regarding your Hindu teacher, I am very sorry about what your have to endure. Maybe she is angry with you perticularly because your Pakistani. But that's not a excuse for her to comment on you like that. What did you do about it? What did your friends say about it? I think if you become friendly with that teacher and try to explain to her it's your choice and your like the way you dress and perhaps she may come to like you, what do you say?

9:37 PM  
Anonymous El Mac said...

mortalmuslim, report your hindu teacher to the authorities and get her deported. The authorotarian Tunisian junta thinks its french. What a bunch of losers.

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a woman wants to wear Hijab, she must be allowed to do so. That is Human Right. This Hijab issue is just the tip of the iceburg, the Anti Islam crusade by the Western powers and their puppet regimes in the muslim world. Piece by piece. It is a shame that people and despot traitors and dictators in the muslim world are party to this atrocities.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Mahinour said...

Alla Maakoum banat w shabab Tunes!
Hold on! it's happeing but subtly in other arab countries as well. for example, u can't work in a front desk position, u cant work at ministires...etc..
Allah yesleh el haal ya Rab, and we just gotta hold on, not militantly, but smartly

7:07 AM  

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