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Friday, November 03, 2006

6 Double standard opinions about Muslims

Assalamu Alaikum,
double standard opinions on MuslimsWe like to be considered as rational and considerate people. Unfortunately when it comes to dealing with Muslims these higher ideals of logic and reason are often sacrificed in place of prejudice. The following are six instances where double standards are unwittingly employed against Muslims often causing Muslims to endure physical and mental hardships.

  • No one abuses a Jewish man for growing a beard according to his religious beliefs.
    But if a Muslim man does the same thing he is labeled as a terrorist, extremist or fundamentalist!

  • When a Christian nun covers her body from head to toe it is considered as act of devotion to God.
    But if a Muslim woman dress like that she is ridiculed and discriminated!

  • When a western woman stays at home to look after her children without going for a job she is respected for being devoted to her family.
    But if a Muslim woman stays at home like that she is considered as a prisoner and a woman without women rights!

  • A young woman can wear any dress she prefers and enter any higher educational institute.
    But if a young Muslim woman wearing a hijab enters higher educational institutes she is ridiculed!

  • When a Christian, Jew or anyone else murders someone their religion will not prop up.
    But if a Muslim did the same crime it will be blamed on Islam!

  • When someone fights and sacrifices his life for his country, his leaders or his people he is venerated as a hero.
    But if a Muslim fights and sacrifices his life for his country or his people his family is persecuted, his house is destroyed, his mosque is closed. And he is labeled a terrorist. Why? because he is a Muslim!

  • When facing a problem any solution will be accepted and considered.
    But if the solution is in Islam it will be rejected!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please cite examples of these things which you listed? Thought not.

Here we go again with the Muslim persecution syndrome. Remember, a muslim has rights in muslim and non-muslim countries enforced by the laws of those countries; but non-muslims have no rights in most moslem countries. Recognize what you are, you are za'lem the oppresor, and that is all Islam is an oppressor religion.

2:49 AM  
Blogger Unite Muslims said...

These are common example, go through news western news channel and you'll notice how often a bearded Muslim is label a

terrorist and a hijab clad women is presented as an oppressed women. But believe me it's dreadful when these things happen in

the real world. Just ask a Bearded man or Hijab wearing woman from a western country and they'll tell you numerous

occassions. Or see my previous post about the hijab ban in Tunisia (ya sadly a so-called Muslim country).

As for non-Muslims in Muslim countries I don't think you are shortsighted to assume the angry Muslim of today represent Islam.

I know it has become very difficult for Christians etc in Muslim countries and that's because Muslims are angry of the invasions

of Western countries and they're threatment towards Muslims in colonial times and today in Palestine, Iraq and so on. If your

interested in knowing about what truely Islam teaches about non-Muslims in Islamic lands I implore you to read,

The Treatment of Minorities - the Islamic Model

9:51 PM  
Blogger mortalmuslim said...

no one in any muslim country is not allowed to follow there religion.Of course If u want to follow u can.this the verse of Our book Quraan"Let there be no compulsion in religion....." so noone can enforce u to become a muslim but yes Muslims are not given the rights they require.
Islam is not Za'lem as u stated we dunt feel and opression on us then y do others?
i hope u understand

8:38 PM  
Blogger Unite Muslims said...

Thank you sister, good reply, and as you said it seem some westerner think we feel oppressed and want others to be oppressed. I just wrote this post to show just some common negative views and how they relate to other peoples perception. I am sure the Christians and other religionist have same concerns,

scorpius I like to hear about your views about how Muslims regard westerners for example. I am sure it has similar absurdities and inshallah in future I hope to address them in this blog. I gladly welcome your views on the matter Scorpious

9:43 PM  
Blogger Modern Pharaoh said...

The reason we are looked upon like this is because the way muslims have been behaving. A very small example is Suicide Bombings and the way muslims reacted to the Prophets (PBUH) Cartoons. We act like Savages therefore no one wants to support our cause or be part of us.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Appeal to all muslims around the world.

I am making one request to the muslims of the world that we cant make difference in the sense of the technology which USA have.
But One thing we can do and everybody will see the difference of the step and even the USA feel about that also.
That is muslims performs Hajj & Umra every year.And they really comes in numbers from the every corner of the world.
One point I want to raise here that If all of us just dont bring the money in the US$ shape instead of bringing in US$ can bring in Saudi Riyal we can make the difference.Just take this example
every year more or less 30-40 millions muslim perform hajj and they bring foriegn currency form their respective native countries.
If they start following this procedure of not to bring US$ all world will see the difference in American Economy.
And I want to see this in the next hajj season.
Please forward my messege to all around the world.
And make this officail among us.
Jazakum Allah
A muslim brother

8:58 PM  
Blogger The Rendezvous said...

Brother/Sister in Islam,

We Muslims are people who follow divine teachings emanating from all the way, Adam, Noah, Abraham...Yusuf(Joseph) Moses, David, Jesus and upto Mohamed.

The Quraan tells us, in Sura No.3 Verse 3, Allah sent down the Torah(Tauraat) and Gospel( Injeel)...Someone may be perturbed to understand why If Torah and Gospel have been sent, Why do Muslims never believe in them now.

We don't believe in Them coz they got corrupted.Read some Ahmed Deedat's information on http://jamaat.net Deedat's Books.

You will find How Bible has been corrputed, edited...Given Various look, revised to suit people's needs.This is surely not with Quraan.

Ask yourself, How many Muslims are Haafeez of Quraan and have
memorized the Quraan in their Hearts, Including myself?

Therefore, this people (Non-Muslims) will NEVER....I say NEVER understand ISLAM unless with the will of God, The almighty.

When our prophet was agitated in their Nuisance, he never gave Hope.He instead read to them, Suratul Kaafiroon, which in the end says,

Lakum diinikum waliya diin...Meaning you have your own religion and I have mine...

Islam went ahead to declare that, No one is forced into Islamic religion without him differentiating between stories and actual divine from God.

Someone must see that Black is different from White...

So try your Luck and be a good Muslim Ambassador yourself..

You know the attributes of a good Muslim man comes from The Quraan and the Hadeeth (Ways of our prophets)

Check also http://authenticsunnah.com/ac.htm for some more issues

10:10 PM  

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