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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Waking UP Unite Muslims After 40 Months!

Assalamu Alaikum,
The last time posted in this blog was in 2007. Wow, that's almost 3 and a half years! I shut down Unite Muslims blog then because I started a new blog called 1 Muslim Nation on the better blogging software platform called wordpress.com. Since then I've continued to blog at 1 Muslim Nation and let this blog neglect. I think I've come here not more than a dozen times in the last four years since my last post here. Yet this blog has continued to attract visitors. The clustor maps statistic gadget in the side bar tells me Unite Muslims blog has about 10 to 20 visitors each day. That's not much compared to what I get for my 1muslimnation.wordpress.com Islam blog yet, 10 visitors a day is more than I think the majority of the millions of blogs on the Internet get.  Every little helps for dawah and islaah. Allah reward for the intention rather than the reach or size of our deeds.

Also this blog still gets comments once in a way. I'm sorry but I couldn't track them and read them or respond to them. And further more this blog seems to have got many dozens of spam comments. I couldn't moderate them even.

Anyway I hope to revive this blog to or atleast post excerpts of my articles from my 1 Muslim Nation blog. Also even the wordpress 1 Musliim Nation blog will soon be migrating to it's own domain name. I've bought www.1muslimnation.com domain name and I'am in the process of setting up the new brand new website. Many people have encourage me about 1 Muslim Nation blog and commended it. The name has a huge potential unlike the Unite Muslims term which has a negative connotation. It would have been better if I had chosen Muslims Unite or something. but then I wouldn't have come up with the inspiring 1 Muslim Nation term. Maybe that's why if you say Alhamdullialah everything that happens maybe even bad things Allah will make it something good come from it.

When I migrated from this blog to 1 Muslim Nation at wordpress I also transfered many of the posts you find here to that blog. But I'm not sure I want to do that one with 1muslimnation.com. I'm undecided whether to transfer all the article there or start that blog from scratch. I transfered the article about Ataturk and Islam from this blog to 1MN and it's has been a huge success. Much more people have read it than they would have read it if I had kept it here. So there is good reason to take the posts in the wordpress blog to my new domain hosted blog website.

That's all for now forks. Jazakallah if you read so far in this post. I don't know how eloquant I sounded in the post. I'll improve inshallah in my future posts. take care.

Unite Muslims brother AKA NOW 1 Muslim Nation DOT com

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